Friday, December 14, 2007

Some after shots

We're almost done. Here are a a couple of pictures. We still have some organizing to do and we're still getting inventory in, but you can get the general idea by these pics. If you're in town, come see me. I'll be here half a week next week and then we'll have an official opening the second week of January.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We're open (Sort of)

Well, I've decide that since I'm in the shop everyday, I might as well open the doors. I originally wanted everything to be just right before we opened, but I've realized that it'll be a while before it's just right. We have more inventory to get in and more organizing to do, but I'm there everyday, so come see me. I'll have coffee and tea waiting for you when you get there. This week and half of next week I'll be there from 10am until 5pm (Monday - Wednesday next week). After that I have some family stuff and a couple of shows to go to (New years with WP in ATL) and then we'll be officially opening around the second week of January. At that point, we'll be there for good.

I hope to see you soon.