Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interfaith Conversation

I recently read a book called "I sold my soul on ebay". In his book, the author Hemant Mehta (the friendly atheist) said something that got me thinking. He said that Christians are often afraid to discuss matters of faith with people outside their own faith. I think that is sometimes true, but it shouldn't be. How can we relate to people of other faiths without knowing where they're coming from or why they believe what they believe. I personally believe that God created us all in His image and the He loves us ALL very much. So, for me, in an effort to be more like Jesus, I want to know people more, so that I can love them more. I can't know people very well if I haven't even had a conversation with them.

All of that to say that I'd like to start hosting conversations at the Nomad Supply Shop in Birmingham. Notice, I said "conversations" not "debates". I want to invite people of different faiths (or no faith) together to discuss their views on different topics. Topics that I have in mind are creation and the environment, war, poverty, afterlife and the human soul.

I'm not a Bible scholar. I don't have any sort of degree in religion or any "ministry credentials". I'm just a guy who loves Jesus and loves people and I want to share what I believe with people who might want to listen and share what they believe with me.

If you are interested in being a part of this conversation, please let me know.

Our first conversation will be Thursday, July 24th at 7pm.

The topic will be Creation and the Environment.

Please comment here if you think you'll be able to join us.

It will be important to know how many people might be here.

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Jamie said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and think your conversation sounds interesting. It reminded me of an article that had been given to me