Sunday, September 7, 2008

Attention Bloggers

As you may already know, we're working on this new project called the Luxury Fund. One way we have seen a lot of new traffic on our LF blog and website is by bloggers writing about it and linking to it from their blogs. If you're a blogger and the Luxury Fund is something that you might be interested in sharing with your readers, we'd appreciate it.

In July we raised $200, in August, we raised $660, this month, we're shooting for $750. I think we can do it! We're giving 25% each to Blood Water Mission, Compassion International, IJM and Love 146. They are all good causes and the more we can give them, the better.
Thanks for your help!!

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beanman said...

love the blog, and i will be stopping by the store on friday when i get back from north carolina. check out our blogs if you have time. we are based out of birmingham.